Castello di Banchette

The legend

In the mid-XV century, a beautiful girl called Alexina lived into the castle of Banchette with her parents; she was the fiancée of a rich but violent man, whose absurd jealousy caused a vicious crime.
One day a knight came to the manor bringing some relatives’ regards; the young man travelled a lot, he even was in Lebanon, Cyprus and Greece; his tales entertained the family, who never saw other Countries before. The fiancé of the girl started to be anguished: since the coming of the knight, he perceived a change into Alexina’s behaviour, she was so detached from him. But jealousy was the only reason of his anguish, as the heart of the girl was always for him, while she was just well-mannered with the knight. The hate of the man raised more and more, until he decided to kill his love rival; one day in the evening, after hailing the girl and her parents, he feigned to go away, but he stayed in hiding into a closet.
He waited until everyone felt asleep to be sure of his plan success, then he quietly came into the knight’s room and icily killed him with a stab wound to the heart. The crime was brought to light the day after, inevitably causing disarray to the family hush; the killer signed his own conviction leaving his stab into the victim’s chest. Alexina was very dismayed because she knew she was the involuntary reason of the crime, and decided to retire from the world and seek refuge into a monastery. The victim’s soul did not leave the castle. Even into the past, people ran into a figure wandering around the rooms without bothering anyone. The ghost seems to often frequent the library, as many people, while consulting some documents in there, clearly perceived a young man, tall and slender, wearing a kind of heavy and long nightshirt, with a large bloody spot on his chest. No-one of the witnesses thought he was a ghost, because he doesn’t vanish through the walls, but rather opens the doors from a room to another, goes up and downstairs, wanders around the castle. By night, at the feeble light from the outside, someone accidentally saw him seated and abandoned in a corner. His preference for the library seems to suggest that the room in which the poor guy was killed was right there.


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